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A society’s sexual art can reveal a lot about that society beyond the “basics” of what turns its people on – which we think is why some of us have such difficulty finding pornography we can enjoy without reservations. Modern mainstream porn is the porn of a sexist, racist, class-divided society. We want something better.

The comics in this anthology express a variety of sexuality’s many aspects: social, solitary, fantastic, realistic, straight, gay, serious, humorous, and more. What they share in common is their spirit. The artists have each drawn on their interests and values to bring us something positive. They have presented sex in ways that make sense to them. Together they present us something we hope is much more inclusive and enjoyable than the narrow visions so often sold to us as “sexy” – a Big Sexy, with room for everyone.

Comics by: Anna, Anne Thalheimer, Bryan Stone, Cayetano Garza, Jr., Colin Tedford, C. Frakes, D. Warren, Daniel Barlow, Jen Vaughn, Joe Bacchus, Liza Petruzzo, Madsahara, Meagan Frappeia, Morgan Pielli, Rachel Dukes, Radical Warren, Tim Hulsizer (at just over half women, an unusually gender-balanced contributor list).

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5.5″ x 8.5″, 92 pgs SOLD OUT